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Commitment to Our Community

B. Wood Insurance will support any project or program that improves the quality of life in our community through the application of financial and/or human resources.  Our values reflect those of a business started by Ben and Bryan Wood, who grew up in San Diego.  They feel that by receiving so much community support when they grew up, that there is a 100% responsibility to give back as much as possible.

B. Wood Insurance believes strongly in giving back to the community.  Service is echoed throughout every facet of what we do here at B. Wood Insurance, and we encourage our employees to extend that outside of our walls by donating their time, talent and treasure to worthy causes.

We recognize that when people make a strong commitment to participating in community efforts through volunteer work, they simply feel really good about themselves, which in turn helps our clients overall experience.

Our areas of focus include but are not limited to the following list of charities/organizations.

Anyone seeking help is encouraged to send us a donation request form.